Kite Designer/Developer

Published by: Marcello Ghilardi
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Date of placement 21.05.2019
Marcello Ghilardi

the Netherlands (Holland), Delft

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Cutting and sewing

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the Netherlands (Holland), Delft

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Profile: • Background in Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering or Industrial Design. • Experience working with fabrics/sail making. • Affinity with structural engineering/material properties. • Knowledge of CAD software. • Experience with product development/rapid prototyping. • Experience with production planning/management. • Experience with kite flying/kite surfing/wind surfing/ sailing. • Good working knowledge in English. Tasks: • Developing new models of soft wings in system upscaling. • Conceive and design wing’s and bridles structural advancements. • Supervise the entire production process of the kites. • Negotiate with suppliers. Extra Assets: • Good working knowledge in Dutch. • Passion for wind sports.

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