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Author: Édney Helene Dos Santos


Type of employment

Long-term work

Date of placement 12.10.2018
Country , City:

the Netherlands (Holland) , Rotterdam

Italian, English, Other
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Édney Helene
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Informatics (IT) :

Customer service

Basic information

Hello there, im from São Paulo and im living in Firenze, my dream is to live in Netherlands, Im looking for a job and move in to there! im avaliable for rellocation immediately, i have more than 10 years of experience on fixing computers, flashing smartphones, linux basics, troubleshooting network problems, i do also have experience on selling gaming computer and acessories...etc! Im always ready to work with a team and learn something new! As a plus i do also speak Portuguese and basic Italian! I have permission to work on any EU country. Any big city in Netherlands is desirable or small cities that are close to the big ones... Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag,...any close of em. You can call me anytime or send me an email.. [email protected] (39) +33 81204197 Thank you so much =)

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